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People First! Alaina Love, "What's Your Passion & Purpose?"

Morag and Alaina Love ask the question, "What's Your Passion & Purpose?"

People First! John Strelecky, "Discover Your Big 5 for Life"

Morag and John Strelecky discuss discovering you Big 5 for Life!

People First! Alain Hunkins, "The Three Secrets of Strong Leadership"

Morag and Alain Hunkins discuss the three secrets to strong leadership!

People First! Sunny Bonnell, "What's Your Rare Breed Virtue?"

Morag and Sunny Bonnell ask the question, "What's Your Rare Breed Virtue?"

People First! Lacey Leone McLaughlin, "The Power of Coaching & Why We All Need One!"

Morag and Lacey Leone McLaughlin discuss, The Power of Executive Coaching.

People First! Ian Llewellyn-Nash, "Leadership & Emotional Wisdom"

Morag and Ian Llewellyn-Nash discuss the Leadership and Emotional Wisdom!

People First! Chris Lever, "Navigating Change & Uncharted Waters"

Morag and Chris Lever discuss Navigating Change & Uncharted Waters!

People First! Heather Younger, "Caring Leadership"

Sit back, and grab a coffee as Morag and Heather Younger discuss "Caring Leadership!"

People First! Sarabeth Berk, "You Are More than Your Job Title"

Morag and Sarabeth Berk discuss why you are more than your job title!

People First! Amy Cooper Hakim, "Working with Difficult People"

Morag and Amy Cooper Hakim discuss her book, "Working with Difficult People!"

People First! Stephen Woessner, "Secrets of Successful Business Owners"

Morag and Stephen Woessner discuss the secrets of successful business owners!

People First! Michelle Myers, "Conscious, Connected, & Courageous Leadership"

Morag and Michelle Myers discuss Conscious, Connected, & Courageous Leadership!

People First! Patricia Downing, "Female Leadership in Mining & Engineering"

Morag and Patricia Downing discuss, Female Leadership in Mining and Engineering!

People First! Karen Cornwell, "Cultivating Gender Harmony"

Morag and Karen Cornwell discuss, her book, "You Can't Fix What You Can't See!"

People First! David Cohen, "Why Corporate Values Matter"

Morag and David Cohen discuss Why Corporate Values Matter!

People First! Patty Beach, "The Art of Alignment"

Sit back, and grab a coffee as Morag and Patty Beach discuss her book (and body of work), "The Art of Alignment: A practical Guide to Inclusive Leadership!"

People First! Val Ries, "Why You Need to Be the Chief Inspiration Officer"

Morag and Val Ries discuss her forthcoming book, "Chief Inspiration Officer!"

People First! Terry Jackson, "Transformational Thinking"

Morag and Dr. Terry Jackson discuss his book, "Transformational Thinking!"

People First! Shannon Sisler, "Increasing Employee Engagement During a Pandemic"

Morag and Shannon Sisler discuss, Increasing Employee Engagement in a Pandemic.

People First! Ashley M. Williams, "How to Communicate with Millennials & Gen Z"

Morag and Ashley Williams discuss Communicating with Millennials and Gen Z!

People First! Karen Catlin, "Better Allies"

Morag and Karen Catlin discuss her book, "Better Allies!"

People First! Monique Betty,"Coaching to Your Strengths"

Morag and Monique Betty discuss, Coaching to Your Strengths!"

People First! Robert Glazer, "Friday Forward"

Morag and Robert Glazer discuss his book (and body of work), "Friday Forward!"

People First! Julie Metty Bennett & Rachel Kuntzsch, "Making Co-Leadership Work"

Morag, Julie Metty Bennett, and Rachel Kuntzsch discuss Making Co-Leadership Work!

People First! Evan Roth, "Self-Leadership Leads to Effective Leadership"

Morag and Evan Roth discuss coaching, the concept of self-leadership, and being an effective leader in 2020.

People First! Michael Canic, "Ruthless Consistency"

Morag and Michael Canic discuss his book, "Ruthless Consistency!"

People First! Ann Nakaska, "Career Planning in the 21st Century"

Morag and Ann Nakaska discuss "Career Planning in the 21st Century!"

People First! Susan Frew, "Leading Through Adversity"

Sit back, and grab a coffee as Morag and Susan Frew discuss "Leading Through Adversity."

People First! Colin Gautrey, "Influential Leadership: A Leader's Guide To Getting things Done"

So, sit back, and grab a coffee as Morag and Colin Gautrey discuss his book (and body of work), "Influential Leadership: A Leader's Guide To Getting things Done!"

People First! Sandra Shpillberg, "New Startup Mindset"

It's time to sit back, and grab a coffee as Morag and Sandra Shpillberg discuss her book, "New Startup Mindset!"

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