The Self-Employed Life: Strategies That Create Sustainable Success with Jeffrey Shaw

This week, Morag interviews Jeffrey Shaw, a leading voice for self-employed business champions! Jeffrey is a bestselling author (LINGO and The Self-Employed Life: Business and Personal Development Strategies That Create Sustainable Success), a TEDx speaker, and a guiding light for entrepreneurs.

Drawing from his own journey, Jeffrey shares business and personal development strategies to help you, the self-employed and small business owner, take control even when things feel out of your grip.

Episode Highlights

07:23 - Overcoming Fear: Learn how to weigh the benefits against the fear of taking action.
16:00 - Breaking Through Your Barriers: Discover ways to stop self-sabotage and move forward.
26:34 - The Power of Clarity: Learn why clarity is an iterative process and how to achieve it.
30:30 - The Relationship Advantage: Explore how strong connections fuel success.

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