The Passionpreneur: Unleash the Entrepreneurial Spirit of a True Leader with Moustafa Hamwi

This week on People First!, Morag chats with Moustafa Hamwi, a bestselling author who's an expert in a wide range of fields, from executive coaching to yoga and adventure sports.

They delve deep into the world of the "passionpreneur," exploring how passion + purpose unleashes the entrepreneurial spirit of a true leader, why so many people struggle to find their spark, why passion and skill go hand-in-hand, and how you can discover what truly ignites your fire.

Episode Chapters:

04:30 - Why do so many people struggle to find their spark?
10:14 - The importance of aligning passion with skill for success.
15:20 - Identifying and overcoming hidden obstacles that block passion and purpose 
23:00 - A powerful approach to self-discovery: taking a step back, healing, and launching yourself forward.
27:30 - Dealing with the fear of negative consequences that hold us back.

Bonus Content for all Listeners...

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